The Pearson efficacy tool

The efficacy tool has four sections:

  1. Outcomes
  2. Evidence
  3. Planning & Implementation
  4. Capacity to Deliver

In each of these sections you will need to consider three areas that contribute to a product or service’s efficacy and answer questions about the different factors.

You answer these questions by assigning a colour rating. At each stage you will be given guidance on what these colour ratings mean and shown some worked examples for you to assess your own product or service against. There’s space for you to make notes too.

The different colour ratings will be combined for each section, and across the whole review, to give you an overall rating and some suggestions to support you to deliver learning outcomes in the future.

At any point you’ll be able to send us your feedback about the efficacy tool.

You will need

Access to information about your product including: data on outcomes, education evidence used to create the product, feedback from users, and business or implementation plans.

About 40 minutes of your time. This tool uses cookies.

What you will receive

When you complete the online tool you will receive a report including tailored recommendations on how you might increase your impact on learner outcomes. You can download this report and share with others via email. You may also like to revisit the tool in future to check your scores again and keep track of your progress.

If you prefer, you can also download a workbook version to print out and complete. If you choose this option you will need to calculate your own overall efficacy ratings and the personalised tips for improvement are not included.

Perform an online efficacy review or download the paper version.