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Since 2012, we have completed 200 efficacy reviews of products. We’re publishing our first five on this site. Collectively they touch almost seven million learners’ lives across more than 60 countries. 

We’re also publishing On The Road…to Delivering Learner Outcomes’, an overview of Pearson’s efficacy programme, major accomplishments and challenges, as well as lessons learned over the past 18 months.

Our first five
Our first five

Explore the first five reports on the efficacy of our products.


On The Road
On The Road

Join us as we tell the story of the highs and lows of our efficacy journey.

Efficacy DIY
Efficacy DIY

Try the efficacy review process for yourself.

Efficacy in action
Efficacy in action

Short stories of how efficacy is helping to change the world.

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  • CTI & MGI – what they said…

    “The application of findings will enable us to develop scalable services and solutions that can have an impact on the desired outcomes for learners.” Tim Bozik, President, Higher Education

    “For Pearson to really make a difference to the lives of learners in South Africa, we have to stand or fall by the efficacy of our products and services.” Riaan Jonck, MD Pearson South Africa

    “What I learned at MGI was revealed in what was expected of me when I started working – so the curriculum matched with industry. I learnt how to conduct myself in presentations and communication, and how to listen more than talk.” Victor Litshani, Honours in Business Management, graduated MGI 2014

    Explore the efficacy report >>

  • Wall Street English – what they said…

    “Efficacy is the single biggest contributor to the ‘value for money’ question we have.” Eric Friedman, National Service Director, WSE China

    “The efficacy reviews ensure the passion we have for helping our students reach their goals never fades.” Ken Davis, Director Product Operations, WSE

    “Efficacy … helps us make sure we are providing our teachers and centers with the best tools, methods and approach to take the learner through that learning path successfully.” Jed Carmona, Senior Business Analyst, WSE

    Explore the efficacy report >>



  • MyEnglishLab – what they said…

    “Efficacy reviews [are] a hugely useful way to be able to use this list to keep the team focused on delivering learner outcomes for everyone whilst simultaneously responding to immediate issues and requests from the markets.” Steve Pinches, Director of Product Management, MyEnglishLab

    “Whenever we are faced with a product question, rather than thinking about components, feature sets, or benefits, we ask ourselves: “What would have the greatest impact on learner outcomes?” Pietro Alongi, Product Development Director, MyEnglishLab

    “The analysis has been incredibly useful… [it has] helped shape our thinking on how we can move the needle in-course assessments.” Ian Wood, Product Development Director, Assessment

    Explore the efficacy report >>

  • MasteringChemistry for General Chemistry – what they said…

    “Our work with MasteringChemistry combines technology with pedagogy and efficacy. By putting the definition of learner outcomes as the central driver of content and product development we are focusing more consistently on the impact we want to have.” Tim Bozik, President, Higher Education

    “Faculty are excited about the opportunity to work with Pearson Efficacy teams and MasteringChemistry to establish valued measurements specific to general chemistry that can better inform their classrooms, the pedagogical practices in use, and advance their students.” Jeanne Zalesky, Editor in Chief, Physical Science

    “By monitoring MasteringChemistry data both during and after each semester, I can immediately address student misconceptions and areas of weakness in class, adjust my implementation of MasteringChemistry to enhance student learning, and more easily understand the impact of pedagogical changes on learning.” Robert Pribush, Butler University, IN

    Explore the efficacy report >>

  • enVisionmath2.0 – what they said…

    “Changes and upgrades to enVisionmath2.0 can be attributed directly to the research conducted over the last three years. A primary focus will be analyzing the usage of our digital features and their impact on learner outcomes to inform our platform and product requirements.” Richard Heater, VP of Product Management Elementary Math, Pearson

    “One of the recommendations from the efficacy review was to refine learner outcomes by building out the personalization story. This resulted in enhancing the online product design to include a new feature, Practice Buddy… this new feature adds value and enhances student learning.” Sheila Aherin, Director of Product Marketing Elementary Math

    “Based on research on enVisionMATH, we have worked to simplify the design [and make it] more user friendly and appealing to teachers. We have also worked to simplify language in word problems to ensure that the key mathematics is accessible to a wider array of readers. Both these efforts will improve the usability and efficacy of enVisionmath 2.0.”  Tom Super, Manager, Product Development

    Explore the efficacy report >>

Share your story
Share your story

We learn more through real-life stories. If you have a story of efficacy in action, please share it with us and help others to see the power of an outcomes-based approach.

Feedback please
Feedback please

We will all move faster along the path to efficacy if we share ideas, insights and challenge one another. We welcome your comments and feedback so please share them with us.